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Stop Heating the Outdoors in the Winter

Published on January 31st, 2018

Heating the outdoors

No one wants to be heating the outdoors and throwing money away through leaks and cracks in their home, no one!

Global warming – It’s a topic of debate and concern. But regardless of where you stand on this topic, there is one thing we can all agree on. Heating the outdoors is not how anyone wants to spend their hard-earned money. No one wants to pay to generate heat to have it go right out the roof. And we can all get behind lowering monthly utility bills.

I recently spoke with a customer who lives in St. Charles, Illinois. I explained that every bit of energy that escapes the envelope of the home means more CO2 is generated to replace that energy. And a little preventive action can save a lot of money.

Hey! Monthly utility bills are expensive. No one likes wasting money, especially during a cold Chicago winter. So, avoid heating the outdoors and take steps to make sure the heat your furnace is generating doesn’t escape your home.

Examine Your Home to Prevent it from Heating the Outdoors

There are a couple of preventive measures you can take to keep the heat in your home (and money in your pocket to spend on other things). Examine both the exterior and interior of your home with a keen eye.

  1. The Exterior of Your Home

Do a visual inspection of the exterior of your home. Keep an eye out for things that allow for heat loss. Look for gaps around the foundation and siding. If you spot any gaps, seal them with caulk. Make sure the insulation around all outlets and vents is still adequate enough to do its job. If not, seal with caulk as well.

Missing shingles on the roof are a red flag for concern, too. If you find that shingles are gone, get them replaced asap to prevent leaks in your attic. If left unattended, such leaks could damage the insulation and allow heat to escape from your home.

  1. The Interior of Your Home

There are several indoor areas that can allow heat to escape, as well. Window and door joints loosen over time, allowing for gaps. These areas need to be resealed, too.

It’s also a good idea to check heating vents and areas that might allow air to escape into a crawl space or basement. Keep vents clear of dust and debris that can prevent proper airflow.

Consult Your HVAC Specialists at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling

Sometimes you’ve done everything you can. You found and sealed gaps but rooms still feel unbelievably cold. You might need to call your HVAC specialists at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling. We’ll make sure your air ducts are properly sealed and cleared for proper airflow. Improper sealing of air ducts allows heat to escape into areas of the home that you don’t want to be heated, resulting in energy waste. Sometimes it’s as simple as undiagnosed furnace repair.

It’s a smart homeowner who calls and schedules regular maintenance on their HVAC system. Our HVAC specialists will tell you if your ducts need to be cleaned or sealed or if they collapsed. We’ll find whatever is causing leaks in your home system and let you know if we see any other issues that need attention.

Stop heating the outdoors. Keep your money in your pocket. Examine both the exterior and interior of your home and give Blue Frost Heating & Cooling a call at (630) 761-9007 today.


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