AC Won’t Get Cold Enough: 5 Reasons Explained

AC Won’t Get Cold Enough: 5 Reasons Explained

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You depend on your AC to keep you cool on a hot day, but it can’t do much good if it doesn’t blow consistent cold air. An AC blowing warm or room-temperature air is a common problem with a few possible causes.

In this blog, the HVAC experts at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling explain why your AC might not get cold enough and offer solutions.

Why Your AC Is Not Getting Cold

An air conditioner that won’t blow cold air might not work. If your AC is blowing warm air or the cool air from your AC isn’t consistent, you should let a professional HVAC technician look immediately to diagnose the root of the issue.

Here are some common causes of this problem:

A Clogged Air Filter

The number one cause of a faulty AC is a clogged air filter, so changing the air filter is part of annual AC maintenance. The unit’s airflow is restricted if the air filter isn’t changed and dust builds up. A dirty filter could also contaminate your home’s indoor air supply. Luckily, this issue has an easy fix: replacing or cleaning the dirty air filter makes it easy for air to flow correctly again.

Blocked Airflow

Clogged filters aren’t the only thing that can block airflow and lead to problems. Your ductwork can also play a role if it’s filled with dust or debris. An HVAC professional can safely and efficiently inspect and clean your ductwork to get the cold air blowing again.

Another factor could be a cramped condenser coil. The condenser on the exterior of your system needs plenty of room to operate. If it doesn’t have enough clearance, its airflow is restricted — leading to overheating and a lack of cold air from your unit.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Without enough coolant, your AC can’t produce cold air. The refrigerant in your AC system helps trap hot air and transfer it outside. However, refrigerant leaks can stop that process and even prevent your unit from working entirely. In some cases, it’s easy to refill the refrigerant. But if you have an older unit or another issue causing the leak, more extensive repairs may be needed.

A Faulty Thermostat

It may seem obvious, but a broken thermostat can sometimes cause your AC issue. If you feel like you’re constantly hitting buttons on your thermostat, but nothing happens, it might mean your thermostat isn’t communicating with your AC. It could also be an electrical issue, meaning the thermostat needs repair or replacement.

Old Age

At the end of the day, if you’re using an older AC unit, problems are inevitable. Most AC systems start to break down after 15 years, especially if not properly maintained. If your unit blows warm air and you fix it only to have the problem resume, it’s a sign that your AC needs to be replaced. If your unit won’t blow cold air but is exhibiting several other issues like loud noises or short-cycling, that’s also a sign that a replacement is needed.

How to Fix an AC That’s Blowing Warm Air

While there are a few tried-and-true DIY fixes for this issue – like changing the air filter or checking the clearance around the condenser – the best way to get your AC back up and running properly is to schedule air conditioner repairs with trained HVAC technicians. An experienced tech can examine all aspects of your system to identify the root cause of the issue and then fix it accordingly.

It’s also best to schedule annual AC tune-ups every spring to prevent the issue from happening again.

Schedule AC Repair With The Blue Frost Team

Since 1973, Blue Frost Heating & Cooling has been West Chicago’s trusted HVAC company for repairs, replacements, and more. If you’re dealing with a faulty AC, schedule a service visit with our team. Our NATE-certified technicians can diagnose the issue and handle the necessary repair or replacement. You can depend on us for:

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Plus, if you sign up for our annual maintenance plan, any repairs we do are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

Stay cool in your West Chicago home with help from the Blue Frost team. Call (630) 444-0860 to schedule AC repairs with us today.

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