What Size Mini-Split Do I Need? Ductless AC Sizing Guide

What Size Mini-Split Do I Need? A Guide

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Ductless mini-splits have been growing in popularity with homeowners in Chicago, IL, and surrounding areas due to their versatility and options for personalized comfort. Whether adding a new room or seeking efficient heating and cooling options, choosing the best mini-split size is crucial for optimal comfort and efficiency. We know navigating the process of sizing your system can feel a little intimidating, so we’re here to provide all the information you need.

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Choosing the Right Size Mini-Split: Considerations

In the HVAC industry, “sizing” does not refer to the physical size of a unit but instead to the amount of heating or cooling it can produce per hour. This is measured in BTU/h, or British thermal units, per hour. HVAC professionals typically perform a load calculation, determining the BTU/h needed to heat or cool a home based on its square footage and other factors. When it comes to ductless mini-splits, one size certainly does not fit all! Homeowners need to carefully weigh several factors to ensure that they meet their living space’s unique needs.

Home & Room Size

The square footage of your home plays a pivotal role in determining the appropriate mini-split size. Larger homes generally require units with higher BTU ratings to heat and cool the expansive space adequately. On the other hand, smaller spaces can be efficiently regulated with lower BTU ratings. So, how many BTUs should you aim for? The best way to figure this out is to calculate the square footage of each room by multiplying the room’s length by the width to get the square footage and multiplying that number by 25 to determine the BTU recommendation for that space.

Climate Considerations

The climate in your area also influences the mini-split size you’ll need to keep your home comfortable year-round. In regions with extreme temperatures, such as those soaring above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the BTU rating may need to be increased by 30% or more to ensure sufficient cooling. In the Chicago area, the demand for your HVAC system ranges from one extreme to another, with average lows plunging to 22 degrees in January and average highs soaring to 82 degrees in July. You’ll need to tailor your sizing choices to handle this diverse climate.

Individual Room Needs

Mini-splits are renowned for their zone-specific temperature control. When sizing these systems, consider the unique requirements of each room. A bedroom may need a different BTU rating than a kitchen, accounting for insulation, windows, sun, and ceiling height. Performing a load calculation for each room ensures you choose a mini-split that meets specific demands.

Choose Blue Frost for Ductless Mini-Split Services

Navigating the complexities of sizing a mini-split system can be daunting, but Blue Frost Heating & Cooling is here to simplify the process and design a ductless system for your home’s unique needs. We’re known for personalized solutions, expert guidance, and a commitment to enhancing the energy efficiency of homes across the region. Contact our team to help determine the best mini-split AC size for your West Chicago or St. Charles home.

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