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Heating Installation Services in West Chicago & Tri-Cities Area

In the West Chicago area, we know winter. We also know that you need a reliable residential heating system to keep our homes and families safe and comfortable. Blue Frost Heating & Cooling is ready to help you keep your home warm, no matter what Mother Nature delivers.

At Blue Frost, our family-owned and -operated business is committed to your comfort and safety. We bring transparency, honesty, and integrity. We also offer free estimates.

Let Blue Frost take care of you and your West Chicago home. Schedule your appointment by calling (630) 444-0860 or contacting us online today!

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Heating Installation Services

It doesn’t matter if you have a new build, are going through a major remodel, or need to replace your existing heating system. Blue Frost Heating & Cooling is ready to help. Since 1973, we’ve been helping West Chicago homeowners with heating system installations.

Gas & Electric Furnaces

Gas and electric furnaces are traditional methods of heating homes. They offer a reasonable upfront cost and steady heat during the coldest parts of the year. We can help you determine which gas or electric furnace model fits your needs.


Boilers offer comfortable heat because they use water to heat your home. That means homes with boilers are typically more humid than those with furnaces. That extra humidity in the winter can make your home feel warmer and your skin less prone to itchiness or dryness.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are fantastic, energy-efficient ways to have supplemental heat in your home. While they struggle to hold houses at a comfortable temperature during the coldest weather, they offer efficient heat during the cool days of fall and spring.

Ductless Mini-Splits

The popularity of ductless mini-splits is growing. They offer personalized heating options because they work in zones, not through ducts. Each zone can be set to its own temperature. They’re great for additions, garages, or any area where you want customized heating options.

Get the heat you need for your West Chicago home. Schedule your appointment by calling (630) 444-0860 or contacting us online today!

Benefits of Upgrading Your Heating System

Upgrading your heating system has many benefits. Here are some of the most significant benefits of a heating system upgrade:

  • Energy-efficiency: New heating system models can be up to 95% energy-efficient. That means almost all the energy it takes to run your heater is being turned into heat. 
  • Lower utility bills: The high efficiency of new heaters means less waste. You see those savings on your utility bills because it takes less energy to produce the same heat in your home.
  • Better indoor air quality: A new system will help keep allergens, germs, and other irritants out of your air. Plus, newer models have more advanced humidifiers, which keep the air more comfortable when the heater is running.
  • Fewer costly repairs: While a new heating system can be a significant upfront investment, over time, you can save money because you’ll need fewer, less expensive repairs.
  • Greater reliability: With a new heating system, you don’t have to wish for a mild winter! You’ll have a reliable source of comfortable heat, even when the weather turns frigid.

Are you thinking about upgrading your heating system? Talk with one of our experts to see if an upgrade makes sense for your West Chicago home. Call us at (630) 444-0860 or contact us online today!

Why Choose Blue Frost?

Blue Frost Heating & Cooling understands the demands West Chicago and Tri-Cities homeowners put on their heating systems. We use only the best products and couple them with our unmatched workmanship.

Choose Blue Frost to see the difference transparency, honesty, and integrity makes. Let our highly trained technicians and superior customer service make your home more comfortable this winter. 

At Blue Frost, your safety and comfort are our business. Call (630) 444-0860 or contact us online to schedule your appointment today!


On average, heating systems last around 12 to 15 years. Some well-maintained systems can last 20 years or longer, but homeowners will typically notice a decrease in functionality and efficiency.

While it may be tempting to get the largest heating system, choosing a size that is too large can be inefficient and harm the system. To choose the right size for your home and needs, it’s best to consult a professional. 

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient way of heating your home because they draw in the warmer air around your home. Once the outdoor temperature drops below 40 degrees, heat pumps begin to be inefficient, and once temperatures are under 25 degrees, you will need to use a traditional heating system. 



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We offer free in-home estimates, so you can trust that we will always provide a straightforward answer and fair price for our services without unexpected fees or upcharges.

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Blue Frost offers lifetime warranties on repair parts if Blue Frost provides annual maintenance services on your HVAC system.

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Blue Frost checked my furnace and did a very thorough job. Tech was very good and took his time checking all components of the furnace and explaining what he was doing in terms I could understand. I highly recommend Blue Frost.

Lynn S.

Aurora, IL

What an amazing experience! Had to replace a 21-year-old furnace and air conditioning system and the team at Blue Frost was awesome. The quote was very competitive and we were able to install the entire system within a week. Communication with the office was seamless and…

Rodrigo M.

Aurora, IL

Our technician was very knowledgeable, prompt, and friendly. Very pleased with our service.

Tiffany R.

St. Charles, IL

Blue Frost came out in a Sunday when we found out we had no heat -provided an estimate-I decided to replace the furnace instead -they came out the next day and installed a new furnace. They were professional, efficient, and courteous. Highly recommended.


Downers Grove, IL

Fully trust Blue Frost for all our HVAC needs. The maintenance plans keep us on schedule and we are always pleased with their professionalism, timeliness, and care.

Allison B.

Batavia, IL