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FAQ’s for Air Quality

Air filters get dirtier faster the more they are used, a good rule of thumb is to inspect them once a month, even vacuuming off larger debris to make the filter last longer. Filters may need to be changed more often during extreme weather, and a clean filter is always a good idea going into the real heat of summer or the icy grip of winter. After all, keeping up on the air filter is the easiest way to prolong the life of your system and keep energy bills down.

Typically, 1” filters need to be replaced every month, regardless of what the packaging seems to say. Beware of the small words “up to” before the “3 months”. Spending more than $3 on a 1” thick filter usually means too much airflow restriction and trouble waiting to happen.

5” to 9” air filters typically last 6 months, and dramatically lessen the resistance to airflow. Owners like these because they never break down and are only in need of changing every 6 months once you have a brand-new air purifier installed.

Electronic Air Purifiers are a must for those with allergies and asthma. They provide an extremely high clean air delivery rate and lessen the environmental impact by keeping large paper filters out of landfills. They do require a monthly pre-filter cleaning, and a deep cleaning every 6 months.

Regardless of filter type, a “filter replacement” at each 6-month mark should be done with the power off, the blower compartment door removed, with a good light and vacuum on hand. This is the best time to inspect the inside of the furnace and also the return air duct (through the filter rack) for larger debris and even deceased critters. If you ever lose a family pet, remember to look in this same area, they often find their way into the ductwork.

Turning the fan to “on” instead of “auto” will provide constant circulation. While doing this you are also filtering all air moving through the system.

Improve the air quality in your home this winter but making sure to keep your furnace clean. This can be done by having a licensed professional hvac technician perform a proper tune up to improve the air quality in your home. It’s also important to change air filters regularly. You may want to consider upgrading air filters to a higher quality. Using an air cleaner or an air purifier will definitely increase the air quality in you home. If you don’t already have a humidifier have one installed to ensure you have the proper humidity levels in your home. If you already have a humidifier be sure to change the humidifier pad & make sure it’s clear of dirt, debris & buildup. All these precautions are the best way to improve the air quality in your home.

Air cleaners filter the air (HEPA air cleaners for instance or media air cleaners) while air purifiers sanitize the air by emitting negative ions, ozone, utilizing heat (Air free air purifiers) or with UV or UVC lamps. Air purifiers also tend to be less expensive to operate than air cleaners.

Air purifiers do not make the air dry, they simply purify, clean & sanitize the air.

Air Purifier do make a significant difference. They are able to trap a high percentage of the airborne allergens and irritants that flow through the filters. However, remember that an air purifier is only one step in getting rid of dust, mold, Volatile Organic Compounds, smoke odor, pet dander, or pollen.

The air purifier that is the most effective Is Air Scrubber Plus by Aerus. This Space Certified technology was developed by NASA& the Air Scrubber Plus by Aerus has even been tested in space!

You should leave your air purifier on at all time. If you’re concerned about energy usage, turn the fan speed to low. Luckily, most air purifiers don’t require very much energy only about the same amount as your computer. You cannot run an air purifier for a couple of hours and expect your air to remain clean, so be sure to keep your air purifier on & working at peak performance at all times.

Air purifiers as well as air cleaners can definitely be a great solution to help with allergies, asthma & weak immune systems. Air purifiers with HEPA filters as well as UV Air purification systems clean the air particles & kill the bacteria that pollute your environment. Contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling to find out more about the best air purification system solutions for your home or work environment.

You know your home needs a better air purification system if you notice the air you breathe is stale, stuff or has a bad odor to it. These are signs of poor air quality. It’s very important to have clean air in your home environment to ensure everyone is breathing healthy, non-polluted air at all times of the year.

Absolutely yes! Having a clean air filter will help with your utility costs because your heating & cooling equipment does not have to work so hard. This is by far the best way to not only keep utility costs down, but also helps keep a cleaner environment in your home while increasing the lifespan of your hvac equipment.

Yes changing your air filter greatly improves the quality & the lifespan of your hvac system. If you have a dirty filter your unit needs to work much harder & requires more electricity to be used. Changing your filters regularly will keep cleaner air in your home & will also ensure you improve the quality of your hvac system is greatly improved.

You should change your furnace filter regularly. Some furnaces require filter changes once a month, others every three months, some every 6 months. If you are not sure how often to clean your furnace filters, contact your heating & cooling contractor to find out what your specific unit requires.

The best types of Air Quality products for your home are Air Scrubber Plus by Aerus, Apco UV Light, Trane Clean Effects, Aprilaire Air Cleaners, Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers, Honeywell Media Filters. Read more here.

Currently, there is no air filtration system that has been proven to completely filter out COVID-19. However, effective air filtration improves the overall air quality in your home and helps guard against flu and allergen transmission. Feel free to call us and ask about the air filtration systems we install and how they can help you breathe cleaner air indoors.

Studies have shown that indoor air quality is actually 4x more polluted than outdoor air quality. It’s important in any environment that you are breathing in clean, healthy, purified air. Indoors, this can be achieved by investing in an air cleaner or air purification system.

Twice yearly change the batteries in your Carbon Monoxide detector. Also, be sure to get a tune up twice a year so a professional can test the Carbon Monoxide levels & ensure there are no cracks in the heat exchanger which can lead to Carbon Monoxide leaks.

A humidifier is used to add more humidity & moisture in the home while a dehumidifier is used to remove or reduce the humidifier & moisture in the home. Most homeowners that require a humidifier will report things like the house feeling dry, itchy or dry skin, getting sick a lot. Many people that require a dehumidifier report the house feeling too moist, the windows building up with condensation or have a history of floods in basements or crawl spaces.

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