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Simple Ways to Lower Your AC Cost this Summer

The last thing you want is to get home from a long day of work only to enter a home or an apartment that is hot. Cranking the AC feels good for the time being, but getting your monthly energy bill may make you think otherwise. As providers of air conditioning repair near Wayne, our team at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling can help you save money this spring and summer season!

Run Your AC Economically

Avoiding the use of your AC all summer simply is not feasible. The Chicago summers can deliver some brutally hot temperatures, so you’ll need to have your AC running at certain points. However, you can manage your AC to run more economically; if you know that you will be gone throughout the day, make sure to program your thermostat so that it is not blasting cold air when no one is home. You should also adjust the temperature while you are sleeping. For example, setting your thermostat to 78 degrees instead of 72 degrees could cut back on your bill by as much as 18 percent!

Care for Your Equipment

Taking care of your HVAC equipment is essential to how functional it is. Not caring for your equipment will ultimately result in it working harder in order to deliver the same results. Make sure you clean and/or replace necessary filters once a month to cut down on wasted energy.

Close Curtains, Turn on Fan

Minimize the amount of sunlight that you let into your home or apartment to help naturally cool your living space. This simple step can cut back on how hard your HVAC system needs to work. Also, make sure that your ceiling fans are turned on, but only while people are in the room that it is running!

At Blue Frost Heating & Cooling, we are your one-stop shop for all things HVAC! Whether you need a new AC unit or an air conditioning repair near Wayne, rely on us for affordable and high-quality services.

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