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How To Pick An Air Filter

The Covid-19 pandemic has put more importance than ever on making sure that the air in your home is as clean as possible. It might be overwhelming to choose between all of the air filter options on the market today, so we have compiled a list of factors to help you decide on the best air filter for your home.

A dirty air filter stands up against a wall next to a clean air filter.

  • MERV Rating

    MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values and tells you what air particle size a specific filter will trap. The higher the MERV rating, the more dust particles an air filter will capture. For example, a homeowner with allergies would benefit from a higher MERV rating.

  • Size Matters

    The size of your air filter is very important. An ill-fitting air filter can allow pollutants and debris into your home, increase your energy bills, and could even cause damage to your HVAC system. Be sure to measure the actual size of the opening where the filter is installed to determine the size you need. Once you’ve purchased the correct size filter, you can easily reorder replacements by using the number printed on your filter.

  • Air Filter Material

    Just as filters come in a variety of sizes and MERV ratings, they come in an assortment of materials as well. To choose the best material for your home, you must consider the type of climate you live in, pets, family members with respiratory issues, and general household cleanliness to name a few. The higher quality the fibers are in your air filter, the more likely they will be able to catch pet dander, dust mites, mold spores and more.

Which Material Should You Choose?

  • Fiberglass

    Fiberglass is a commonly used material with a MERV rating of 2-3. These filters are inexpensive, but allow more pollutants to slip past your system directly into the air you breathe.

  • Cotton Pleated/Polyester

    Cotton pleated or polyester air filters are affordable and able to remove small debris from the air. They have a MERV rating of 6, however, these filters will need to be replaced often in order to provide proper filtering.

  • Washable/Reusable

    Washable/Reusable filters are both affordable and environmentally friendly, but they need to be cleaned often and may not be able to capture microscopic particles. These filters have a MERV rating of 8.

  • Electrostatic Cotton & Paper

    These filters are great for homes with pets or smokers. They provide exceptional filtering with regular replacement, but are more expensive than some of the other options available. Electrostatic Cotton & Paper filters have a MERV rating of 10.

  • High Efficiency Pleated

    High efficiency pleated air filters have a MERV rating of 14-16 and are commonly used in hospitals. People with respiratory issues would also benefit from having these filters installed in their home. The downside is that they are the most expensive on the market and due to the thickness and specific air pressure needs, they cannot be installed in all systems.

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