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Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioners

Published on May 10th, 2018

Now that warm weather is finally here, you’re probably ensuring you don’t need an AC repair in St. Charle. Having a well-functioning air conditioner system in your home and place of business is essential to being comfortable during the warmer months. We’ve compiled a list of some frequently asked questions regarding air conditioners.

How Often Do Air Filters Need to be Replaced?

There are many factors that contribute to how often you need to change your home’s air filter. If your home is a vacation home or a single-occupant home with no allergies or pets, you should change your air filter once or twice a year. If your home has a dog or a cat, it’s best to replace filters every 60 days. If anyone in your family has additional allergies, you should change the filer every 20-45 days.

How Can I Reduce My Energy Bill?

Make sure your unit is energy efficient! Many older models don’t operate at a high energy efficiency, which will quickly add up and reflect in your monthly energy bill. Investing in a newer model could save you money in the long run.

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

This depends on the exact system that you have. However, generally speaking, air conditioners last for 10-15 years. If your current air conditioner isn’t working well, you may notice an increase in your energy bills. If this is the case, consider getting an AC replacement or an AC repair in St. Charles.

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