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Five More HVAC Tips For Better Heating During The Winter

Winter is right around the corner, and that means the heating system in your home will receive some significant usage. We all know what that means for our utility bills. Well, there are some simple, low cost measures that can be taken around the house to help cut down on the cost of heating your home.

These are tips that don’t involve a significant investment on your part, and only take a few minutes to complete. Consider these low-budget ways to make your home more energy efficient this winter:

Keep Your Fireplace Closed – Fireplaces pull warm air up and through the chimney. When they’re not in use make sure the damper is closed to keep your warm air inside. If you don’t use your fireplace at all, you can block off the chimney with a piece of rigid insulation that will fit snugly in the chimney space.

Use Draft Stoppers – Draft stoppers are thin bean bag-like objects that are placed underneath the open gap at the bottom of the door. They block the cold air from other areas of the house. These can be found either online or at various hardware stores.

Cover Window Air Conditioners – If you need to leave a window unit air conditioner installed for all seasons, you’ll want to cover it. A cover with quilted insulation and elastic corners will provide a snug fit and help keep the cold air outside, where it belongs.

Close Off Unused Rooms – This is an easy trick. There’s no sense in heating up the places no one spends time. If there’s a room that doesn’t receive much winter usage, keep the doors, windows and vents all closed off. That way there’s no energy escaping into the room.

Let In Natural Sun – This may seem obvious, but people need to use their drapes, windows and natural sunlight to their advantage when it comes to keeping rooms warm. If there’s direct sunlight during the day, take advantage.

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