Are Big HVAC Systems More Efficient? HVAC Questions Solved

How Often Do I Change an AC Filter? HVAC Questions Solved

Every homeowner depends on their HVAC system to keep them comfortable all year. Even though it’s often one of their most used home appliances, it’s likely the system that they know the least about. Because of this, homeowners have many questions about heating and A/C repair, HVAC installation, changing the filter, and more. Here are the answers to a few of these commonly asked questions.

Does Bigger Mean Better?

Not necessarily! When choosing an HVAC system, it’s important to buy one based on the size of your home. A bigger system may cool or heat your home faster, but in some cases it can

operate on shorter, less efficient cycles and increase your electricity bill. If your system is too small for the square footage of your home, it will likely run continuously and again hike up your electric bill. The best practice is to trust the HVAC experts and professional Comfort Specialists to measure, calculate and provide options for an HVAC system that will properly fit your home, ensuring both cost and energy efficiency are met.

Is It Best To Repair Or Replace?

When it comes to heat and A/C repair versus replacement, it’s best to consider the age of your unit. If your HVAC system is 7-8 years old or older and requires frequent repairs, you may want to replace your unit. If you have a newer HVAC system and your technician diagnoses the issue, it will most likely be less expensive just to repair the problem rather than replace the entire system. In many cases, your system may still be under warranty. The best practice is to know the importance of properly maintaining your HVAC system on a regular basis. Annual maintenance & system checks not only ensure your system is efficiently operating, it also protects your manufacturer warranty from becoming void, and in most cases, saving you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on repairs for parts that otherwise would not be covered if you do not properly maintain your HVAC system on an annual basis.

Does My A/C Unit Need A Filter? If So, How Often Does It Need To Be Changed?

Using a filter in your heating and cooling system is highly recommended. An air filter helps to keep the inside of your A/C unit and furnace clean from dirt and debris. When it comes to heating and A/C repair, dirt is the leading cause of HVAC breakdowns. On average, a disposable filter should be changed every couple months.

Can My HVAC System Save Me Money?

Every year, HVAC systems are made more advanced and more efficient. Buying one of these new and improved systems will obviously help to save you money, but there are still several things you can do to save money while using an older system. Some of these include adjusting to a higher temperature when you won’t be home, change your filters regularly, use a programmable thermostat, get annual HVAC tune-ups, and have your technician make any necessary heating or A/C repairs to make the system run properly.

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