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Central Air Conditioning Is Effective for Cooling All Spaces in a Home

Air conditioning of a home or living space is necessary to maintain comfortable temperatures for its residents. Acentral air conditioning systemis one that can not only cool the home but also reduce the humidity and filter the air that you breathe. The system uses ducts to supply the conditioned air to all the various rooms in the home.

Before any such system is installed, the volume of air all the rooms in it that require being cooled must be calculated. The insulation in the walls and ceiling can have an effect on the required cooling power. The cooling power is also affected by the presence of windows, the direction of the sun, and may also be influenced by the presence of trees and vegetation outside the home.

A central air conditioning system will have condensers and compressors, which are the primary working units for cooling. These are conveniently located outside the home and in areas where air can circulate freely to allow for fresh air for the system. These units do produce a lot of noise, and their location outside can help to reduce the noise levels inside the home. The conditioned and cooled air is then carried to the living areas in the home that need cooling, through ducts made of metal or other materials. These ducts need to be insulated to ensure that there are fewer temperature losses while the air is being conveyed. Every space being cooled will also have return air ducts that remove heated air from it and ensure the proper circulation of cooled air.

Central air conditioning can be economical especially if the space to be air-conditioned is broken down into smaller units, and the capacity of the unit used to cool only spaces that will be inhabited during various periods of the day.

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