Benefits of Having Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Benefits of Having Healthy Indoor Air Quality

You want to do everything you can to keep your family as healthy as possible- but did you know that the air quality of your home may play a large part in this? While it’s important to know the signs that your air quality isn’t in tip-top condition, it’s also important to understand how air quality can affect you and your family.

Breathing and Allergies

With bad indoor air quality, it’s harder to recover from allergies. If you’re allergic to any outdoor airborne allergens, the body needs fresh, clean indoor air to fully recover and breathe well. Especially in the midst of allergy season when there are plenty of allergens outside, breathing inside air should be a clean reset for our bodies, but only if the air we breathe inside is healthy.

Contaminated indoor air can easily lead to more allergies and more illnesses. Indoor air quality also affects other respiratory illnesses, so you might even see an improvement in asthma symptoms with cleaner indoor air.

Balanced Humidity Levels

Humidity refers to the amount of water in the air, and healthy indoor air quality means you have a balanced level of humidity. If humidity levels are too high, the air will feel uncomfortably stuffy and moist, making breathing more difficult. Aside from worse air quality, extra moisture can also lead to mold and more dust.

Conversely, not enough humidity will lead to dryness, which can then cause an array of problems including nosebleeds or skin problems. Having balanced humidity levels (ideally at 45% humidity) will increase your home’s air quality and prevent issues that come along with too high or too low levels.

Lower Bills

Any steps you may take to promote healthy air quality in your home also decrease your energy costs! These steps may include improving ventilation and airflow, balancing humidity, and controlling CO2 levels. Efficiency in these areas leads to cleaner air, healthier families, and lower costs.

Controlling Odors

If you experience dirty, musty, or otherwise unfresh smells throughout your home, the air quality could certainly be to blame. Without the right air filtration products, there could very likely be mold, germs, and pollutants in the air. If you’re dealing with bad odors that don’t seem to go away with room sprays or air fresheners, consider taking steps to improve your home’s air quality.

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With COVID-19 still affecting us today, there’s never been a better time to take control of the indoor air quality in your Palatine home. Your and your family’s health and wellness could be greatly improved by taking the steps to ensure that this is taken care of, and Blue Frost offers a multitude of services to improve indoor air quality.

From air cleaners and air purification systems, to humidifiers and dehumidifiers, to the Aprilaire 1210 Air Cleaner, the Air Scrubber Plus, and more, we have many products and services to promote your family’s air quality and overall health.

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