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AttiCat Blown-In Insulation: Perfect Partner for Any HVAC System

In the world of heating and air, proper insulation is just as important as having the correct HVAC system. Adequate insulation maintains the temperature in the home, keeping the heat in and allowing you to avoid potentially higher heating costs. At Blue Frost, we offerAttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation, the patented system that provides safe, reliable and dependable results.

AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation System

The patented AttiCat self-feeding system utilizes a unique process that provides high quality insulation installment. As the insulation is blown through the hose, it is broken up and fluffed which results in tiny air pockets. These air pockets create a better insulation as well as providing complete coverage around wires, outlets and even pipes. Blown fiberglass does not settle which ensures that it will maintain its energy saving and insulating qualities for many years to come. The low dust system is fully enclosed and leaves behind no mess. In fact, the partially recycled contents expand and release 100% inside the machine. The installation is extremely quick which helps us to keep our interference in your home to a minimum.

Benefits of Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

This blown-in fiberglass is non-combustible as well as non-corrosive. The substance is composed of “clean” ingredients which leads to a reduced risk of an allergy or reaction by those who will be in the home. The glass fibers do not enable the growth of mold and they are moisture resistant. These are two very important attributes when it comes to products that will be inside your home, near yourself and loved ones. Finally, AttiCat insulation provides up to a R-49 value rating, which exceeds most of the recommended ratings for attics.

Adequate and efficient insulation is a necessary partner to a proper HVAC system. It enables the unit to do its job while providing temperature control. AttiCat Blown-In Insulation is a great choice for any residence and we are highly experienced in its installation.

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