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Air Conditioner Spring Cleaning: The Magic of Regular Maintenance

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Maintenance is imperative to the efficient functioning of your air conditioner and is necessary in order to prolong the life of the equipment for which you paid so much at the outset. Many may feel that the concept of regular maintenance is unfounded and simply a means of ensuring a regular income from air conditioner users when in fact it is in place in order to prevent breakdowns which can amount to much more costly affairs. Maintenance is in place to save you money and prevent your discomfort when your AC is out of order.

Maintenance Is a Systematic Process

Air conditioner maintenance Winfield ILshould always be carried out by trained professionals like the skilled, efficient and experienced team at Blue Frost Heating and Cooling. Our approach to maintenance is systematic and thorough. We leave nothing unchecked and no possible problems without remedy.

We follow a strict regime when attending to any preventive or corrective maintenance appointment. Each area is checked according to a checklist, findings recorded and any work carried out is noted for future reference. We ensure that all the main areas are covered as well as minor areas. Electrical connections are checked and secured, drainage pipes cleared of obstructions, refrigerant is recharged, filters changed and a thorough visual inspection of the equipment carried out to ensure that there are no visible flaws or cracks that could become potential breakdown points in the future.

Our maintenance services don’t stop there however, we ensure that we always do a thorough inspection of the associated ducting as well. The ducting is an imperative part of the system, without which the unit cannot function efficiently. Visual inspections are carried out to ensure that there are no ill-fitting joints or cracks and tears that could cause air loss and lack of efficiency.

Cleaning is a priority during a maintenance service. The entire unit, vents and ducting are cleared and made to be free of dust and allergens. Besides the fact that efficiency in increased, indoor air quality is guaranteed to be of a high standard.

We are the company that the community has trusted for their air conditioner maintenance Winfield IL for more than 40 years.

There Is More

Yes, we do all the regular services, installations, repairs, maintenance and replacements, but we also go that extra mile to make your life simpler. 24/7 Emergency services that won’t leave you alone to tackle your AC disasters, finance options for large repairs and new installations or replacements, maintenance plans and of course our promotional offers throughout the year. You need only call in to inquire about what we can offer you.

Call Blue Frost Heating and Cooling today on630-444-0860.Our maintenance regime will keep your equipment in top form and ready to keep you comfortable during those hot summer days. We offer maintenance plans for a small, affordable monthly fee. Take the load and responsibility off your shoulders and place it firmly on ours. Air conditioner maintenance Winfield IL is best left to Blue Frost, the professional team.

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