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What Is The Difference Between A Boiler And A Furnace?

Many homeowners will use the terms “furnace” and “boiler” interchangeably, however, these are two completely different types of heating systems. So, what’s the difference between a furnace and a boiler? Let our heating and cooling service experts break down the key differences for you.

What Is A Furnace?

A furnace is a heating system that warms the air in your home by converting energy into heat, then forces the warm air throughout your home using vents and ducts. Furnaces originally heated homes with coal or wood. Today, these high-efficiency systems heat the air by using gas or electricity. Let’s break down the pros and cons of having this type of heating system in your home:

Advantages Of Having A Furnace

  • Furnaces heat your home more evenly than boilers.
  • Furnaces heat your home much faster than a boiler can.
  • Furnaces are typically less expensive to install.
  • This type of heater can be attached to a larger, temperature-controlled appliance known as an HVAC system. This appliance would also include an air conditioner that you could run during warmer weather.

Disadvantages Of Having A Furnace

  • Electric furnaces can become more expensive to operate in cold climates.
  • Furnaces are not as efficient as boilers, which utilize heated water to warm your home.
  • Whether you have a forced air system or a traditional furnace, the use of your home’s ducts can circulate dust, dander, and other allergens into your home. If a homeowner doesn’t pursue a routine duct cleaning, these allergens could potentially trigger allergy attacks, asthma attacks, and other upper respiratory issues.
  • Older furnaces are not energy efficient.
  • Furnaces make more noise than boilers when kicking on.

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What Is A Boiler?

A boiler is a type of heating system that holds water, then, when the water is heated enough, circulates the hot water throughout your home using pipes rather than ductwork. Boilers can be either electric or gas operated.

Advantages Of Having A Boiler

  • Boilers are very quiet when they run. They don’t produce a lot of noise when they kick on as furnaces do.
  • Since boilers do not use ductwork, they won’t redistribute the accumulated dust and dirt within these ducts and circulate them throughout your home. This means you can have better air quality circulated throughout your home.
  • Boilers can even be used to create heated floors by powering floor pipes.

Disadvantages Of Having A Boiler

  • Since boilers hold water, you will have a huge mess to tackle if the tank leaks or if a pipe bursts.
  • There is always the possibility of the water freezing causing the pipes to burst if there is an extended power outage during a time of low temperatures.
  • Boilers are typically more of an expensive inexpensive investment, than a furnace. They tend to be cheaper than purchasing an HVAC system, which would include a furnace and air conditioning system.

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