Four Easy HVAC Thanksgiving Tips: HVAC Repair & Installation

Four Easy HVAC Thanksgiving Tips: HVAC Repair in Bartlett

With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s easy to get caught up in various holiday preparations. One of the factors you should pay attention to is your HVAC system to keep your costs down and dinner guests comfortable. There are various measures you can take to make sure you’re all set and prepped for the holiday.

Check Your Air Filters

If you want to improve your home’s heating efficiency and air quality, checking your air filter should be the first thing you do. Air filters accumulate dust, dirt, and different particles from the air over time. A dirty air filter means that there isn’t as strong of airflow through the vents, and during the holidays with the increased cooking, a lot more foreign particles can enter the vents. Making sure you have a clean filter after cooking will ensure your airflow stays steady throughout your home.

Be Mindful About Opening and Closing Doors

Every time you open your door to let guests in, some heat escapes from your home, therefore making your system work harder to pump more hot air in. Whenever you let guests in or out, especially if you’re planning on having a big gathering, make sure you don’t leave your door open for too long. The less hot air that escapes outside, the better!

Lower the Temperature

Every degree on your thermostat counts; in fact, every degree that your system has to heat increases the power between 6-12%. This means that your temperature should never be higher than you need, and when there are more people in your home, there is a lot more heat being generated. If you plan on having lots of people over for dinner or for the long weekend, you most likely won’t need the heat as high.

Schedule a Maintenance Check

Getting your system checked by a professional is the best way to ensure your heating is ready for your Thanksgiving guests. Whether your bills are higher than usual, your heating system is more than 10 years old, your filters haven’t been cleaned in a while, or it’s been over a year since your system has received maintenance or repair services, it’s best to contact the heating and air conditioning pros at Blue Frost.

For any sort of HVAC maintenance, installation, or heater repair near Schaumburg, contact us today. With our supreme customer service and years of experience, we can get you scheduled in time for the holiday season so your house will be warm and comfortable.

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