Energy Saving Coil Cleaning: The Key to Effectiveness

Energy Saving Coil Cleaning: The Key to Effectiveness

There are several factors that may have a negative impact on your HVAC system and its efficiency. While most people address the common components of the system like the filter and the fan, many will overlook the coil. The EPA has conducted a series of tests that show a substantial loss in efficiency as a result of even the most minute trace of dirt in a coil. A routineenergy saving coil cleaningperformed by Blue Frost Heating and Cooling will ensure that your system is running at optimal performance.

Effects of A Dirty Coil

The flow of air is the true lifeline to any HVAC system. A reduction in that air flow can be a direct result of a dirty or obstructed coil. In fact, the most common cause of a restricted coil is dust or dirt accumulation. This collection of debris can lead to several detrimental consequences for your unit. These can include a shorter life span, more strenuous operation for the unit and various parts wearing out quicker than expected. Your HVAC unit may even overheat and consequently shut down completely. The indoor air quality may also be compromised as the debris in the coil may lead to pollen or mold build up.

What You Can Do for Your HVAC System

First, leaving the coil cleaning to us, the experts! Most coils are not easily accessible and can be challenging for homeowners to locate. Our trained technicians will also use specific equipment to get the job done. This may include soft brushes, coil cleaning solvents and compressed air. Pressure washing is also extremely effective when done properly.

A dirty or compromised coil will downgrade the effectiveness of your system and in turn, raise your utility bill. Routine maintenance is always recommended; energy saving coil cleaning should take place approximately once a year. A trusted HVAC technician can quickly and thoroughly address the coil and its required upkeep.

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