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4 Plus 1 Ways You Can Save Money (And Your Hide)

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Save money and save your hide with Blue Frost Heating & Cooling. Wear a little green in your pocket on St. Patrick’s Day!

Top O’ the mornin’ to ye, lads and lassies! It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Snakes and corned beef aside, wearin’ o’ the green is a must to save your hide from painful pinches, even if you’re not Irish and all. Blue Frost Heating & Cooling cares. Save money and wear a little green inside your pocket for a pinch-free St. Patty’s Day in Chicago.

1. Home Energy Audits

You may not find a pot o’ gold at the end of a rainbow, but you can save a lot of money thanks to home energy audits. A Blue Frost Heating & Cooling certified technician can do a thorough check of your home, room by room, and search for ways it may be losing energy, aka money. An examination of your energy bills may be necessary to help determine if and where you may be losing power. Home energy audits check windows, doors, recessed lights and ducts for drafts, large or small. When the causes for drafts and wasted energy are found, you can do what’s needed to fix the problems and save money.

2. Preventive Maintenance

Don’t assume that everything is fine with your HVAC unit just because disaster hasn’t struck. Regular HVAC preventive maintenance is the best way to guarantee trouble-free heating and cooling when your family needs it. Don’t let your energy bill get out of control. Save money. Keep your HVAC unit in tip-top condition. Increase its life and efficiency with preventive maintenance from Blue Frost Heating & Cooling. Ask about our Peace of Mind Maintenance Package Giveaway and save $575.

3. Upgraded Heating and Cooling Systems

The system you currently have in your home may seem to be working just fine (and it has for years, right?), but newer and improved options that weren’t available when you moved in are available now. Upgrading to a more energy-efficient HVAC system could be your ticket to greater savings. We can tell you about the best HVAC units out there and which ones are the most economical. Want to find out if an upgraded system will save money on your monthly utility bills? Call us.

4. Energy-Efficient Appliances

Do you have energy-efficient appliances in your home? If not, you could be missing out on yet more savings. Consider upgrading to energy-efficient appliances for your home and the savings they will bring on your monthly energy costs. As certified technicians, we can help you decide which appliances will save you money and bring you a greater return on your investment.

Plus 1. Energy-Saving Tips

Seal your ducts, plant shade trees, rotate your ceiling fans in the opposite direction to keep heating costs down in the winter and speak with the certified technicians at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling for more energy-saving tips. You may not notice the energy savings each month, but they will add up over time. And why wouldn’t you want to save money in every way, big or little, every month? A penny saved is a penny earned!

Energy-efficient appliances and efficient HVAC systems will line your wallet with money saved on energy costs. If and when you decide to sell, they’ll increase the resale value of your home, too. Initial costs are sometimes scary; however, the savings you’ll enjoy now and in the long run will make up for the initial costs to make your investment well worth it.

So, if you’re tired of wasting energy and money every month, call Blue Frost Heating & Cooling in Batavia. We can help. Even if everything is working as you think it should be, our certified technicians can find ways your home is wasting energy. We always appreciate calls for help when disasters strike, but we’d like to help you save money on a regular basis before they do.

Call Blue Frost Heating & Cooling at (630) 444-0860 today to discuss a maintenance plan, and find out how you can save money on your utility bills.

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