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Your Comfort & Safety
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Heater Repair

Living in Northern Illinois and having a furnace or boiler that heats your home or commercial business properly is vital to the wellness of anyone who resides in this climate. Furnaces have been for the most part pretty reliable appliances. But it is important to remember that any device that has moving parts or uses electricity will break down not only when under heavy use but just from every day use as well. In our area we do have a long winter season and during long periods of polar temperatures, your furnace is continually forcing warm air through the walls to heat your property according to the thermostat settings. Like any household appliance, over use of a furnace will cause it to break down or work improperly more often. Hydronic systems and boiler systems do not use forced air to heat the rooms of your residence or commercial building. Instead, this type of system is commonly used for radiators, baseboard heat or radiant heating in floors. These systems utilize hot water that is heated in a boiler and distributed through pipes within the walls and floors in order to create a temperate environment. These systems although different from a conventional furnace also breakdown.

Whether it is a forced air furnace, or a boiler system, our experienced team of HVAC technicians have the tools and skills required to repair and maintain any type of heating system. As part of our over-all approach to helping our customers we have several options for maintenance plans to help prevent untimely breakdowns. If you find yourself in need of service day or night just pick up the phone and call us at (630) 231-2334. Find out for yourself why we are the premier heating and cooling company in the western suburbs of Chicago.

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