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    Furnace Maintenance

    Furnace maintenance should be one of your top priorities each year. Simply stated a clean furnace is a reliable furnace! Clean units last longer, break down much less and use less energy to run. The savings on energy alone pay for the maintenance but the savings from not breaking down as often is hundreds to thousands of dollars. Yet the most important reason of all is the safety of you and your family! Making sure your furnace is operating safely is the single biggest reason to have this done.

    The initial part of routine maintenance is cleaning the inside of the furnace. When your furnace is cleaned regularly, it costs less to heat your home. You will surely appreciate the lower heating bills during the winter when you need to use the furnace every day and night. But look even beyond that and see a cleaner blower motor reduces the amount of electricity your AC uses in the summer too. Regular cleaning also improves the air quality in your house. There will not be as much dust, germs, and residue for your family to breathe. A clean furnace means clean, fresh air. It is a start to creating a healthy environment for you and your family.

    A second part of maintenance is inspecting the heating system. Checking the heat exchanger to ensure there are NO Carbon Monoxide leaks into your home. We completely check out all the safety features to make sure everything is operating correctly and safely. If we discover any issues and repairs need to be made, or a part must be replaced, it can be dealt with promptly but only after you have had a complete explanation and approve the repair. This type of approach greatly reduces the chance of your furnace breaking down, and you will not have those untimely expensive repairs to deal with in the future either.

    When Should You Have Maintenance?

    The ideal time to have your heating system cleaned and evaluated is before a new heating season begins for newer models. Anytime from august through the holiday season is best. But for models over 10 years old we recommend having our Platinum maintenance program which comes with 2 furnace cleanings. The first is in the late summer or early fall the second is after the holidays about half way through the heating season. Older models need a little more care and we want to extend the life of those units as much as possible.

    If you decide to have the system checked earlier in the season, you will have the peace of mind knowing your furnace is ready long before old man winter arrives. Many homeowners do not like to wait until the last minute, especially when living in an area where the weather can be unpredictable like northern Illinois. If you have not had routine furnace maintenance recently, consider making an appointment. It will help your system last longer and heat your home safely. Simply call Blue Frost Heating & Cooling at 630-283-6401. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about maintaining your heating system, or schedule an appointment for you.

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