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Where do I lose the most energy in my home?

This summer I attended training and was certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) for Insulation and Air Sealing for residential structures. Having heard the concerns of hundreds of homeowners and witnessed the results of several blower door tests it is obvious that the largest culprit of air and energy loss in a home is the fireplace. You see, while it is in operation up to 600 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air gets sucked up the chimney. While the radiant energy feels good to our skin surfaces, the air being sucked out is coming back in through leaks in the envelope. Basically, you are paying to heat the town you live in!

A fireplace insert fits nicely into your existing fireplace and burns air from outside instead of inside. We pull two tubes down the existing chimney and suddenly you can enjoy a fire without driving your energy bills higher. You enjoy, from the comfort of your remote control, a very nice, cozy heat into the home while the cold air is sealed safely outside. Some models burn natural gas or LP while others burn real wood, so even the traditionalist can enjoy a real fire. Those who like no clean up with either a contemporary or traditional look can opt for the gas burning models. Either way, the energy savings and comfort are something that we all long for from our fireplaces.


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