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Do You Think Your Wife is Hot?


Let Mom know she matters. Give her the gift of comfort this Mother’s Day before she gets hot and unhappy this summer.

I’m looking forward to this Mother’s Day, because we finally have air conditioning! Married 35 years, raised four children, lived in seven homes (owned two), and we now have air conditioning. Ahhhh …. When the beautiful spring season turns into a hot and humid summer, this wife and mom won’t be. I’ll be happy!

We just moved into an adorable, old 3-story home which is located on a corner lot in a small Wyoming town of about 6,000 people. The sellers bought this 1938 home in 2008 and totally gutted and renovated it. It is a very welcome downsize for our family that comes with some terrific amenities!

My 55-year-old husband retired from his job of almost 34 years and moved us 90 minutes away from the Capitol City of Cheyenne. It was our home for 28 years, but I have no regrets. I shed no tears when we left town with our final load in a U-haul. Why not? Because there are too many tangible (and intangible) positives to look forward to in this cow town: new furnace, on-demand hot water, new water softener, sprinkler system, insulated and over-sized 2-car garage, bigger kitchen with more drawers and cabinets, and air conditioning!

As much as I am relishing the on-demand hot water, water softener, and bigger kitchen with more drawers and cabinets, I will not enjoy any of it as much as I will enjoy the air conditioning. (I wonder if the seller scheduled maintenance for the HVAC unit before we moved in)?

The Benefit of Air Conditioning If Your Wife is Hot

Yes, there is a benefit to air conditioning your home if your wife is hot and not happy about it.


Make Mama happy this Mother’s Day, because “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Make her July as cold as December (before she does). Spend some money and put the sparkle back in her eyes. Call her honey. Love her every way she is. Make Mom feel like she really matters, and give her the gift of comfort for Mother’s Day. Before the heat rises this summer and Mama is hot and unhappy, invest in an HVAC unit from Blue Frost Heating & Cooling.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there from Blue Frost Heating & Cooling!

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