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How Solar-Powered Attic Fans Prevent Damage and Save You Money

Solar-powered attic fans

Solar-powered attic fans qualify for a 30% tax credit!

Summer days are always longer, sunnier and hotter, but this Chicago summer has been one for the books. It’s been a cooker, hasn’t it? Summer heat is hard on us, and it’s hard our homes, too. It hides in the attic damaging roof structures and deteriorating roofing materials. Protect your home from damage and drive out summer heat from your attic with solar-powered attic fans.

Why solar-powered attic fans?

Both heat and moisture are damaging to your home. Attic fans vent heat from your attic in the summer and neutralize the moisture in your home in the winter. But why solar-powered attic fans, Tom? Because they:

  • Are technologically advanced
  • Are eco-friendly
  • Deliver comfort and peace of mind
  • Harness the power of the sun
  • Cost nothing to operate
  • Are virtually maintenance-free
  • Require no electrical wiring
  • Are easy to install and maintain
  • Qualify for a 30% tax credit!

Solar-powered attic fans keep your attic free from damaging summer heat and all that comes with winter weather. Your utility bills will be lower and your roof will last longer, too.

How does summer heat damage my home?

When heat builds up in your attic, it causes a chronological series of problems. Your whole home gets hot and the air conditioner must work harder to keep you comfortable. Since the air conditioner must work harder, your utility bills get higher. Then your roof structures and materials fall apart.

How does winter weather damage my home?

Winter weather brings ice, snow and extremely frigid temperatures. These things combined with the humidity from taking showers, running a humidifier, using the dishwasher, boiling pasta, etc. can lead to:

  • A leaky roof and structural decay
  • Damaged insulation and framing materials
  • Mold and fungus growth inside your house

Solar-powered attic fans equalize temperatures inside and out and keep these problems from happening to your home.

What about that 30% tax credit, Tom?

Glad you asked! Helping our customers save money is important to us at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling, and we certainly don’t want anyone to miss out on this 30% tax credit.

Thanks to George W. Bush and the Emergency Stabilization Act of 2009, which he signed on October 3, 2008, credits available for solar-powered energy systems were extended and qualifying product requirements were expanded. This means a 30% tax credit is available on the purchase and installation of residential solar water heating, residential photovoltaic equipment and residential fuel cell property.

Solar panels in roof and interior solar attic fan models fall under “solar energy systems: photovoltaic systems.” Both the solar panel portion of solar-powered attic fans and the labor costs associated with their installation can qualify for the 30% tax credit.

They qualify for the 30% tax credit because there are no specific technical requirements for photovoltaic systems. They must be purchased and installed between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2019, and they must meet fire and electrical code requirements.

If you’d like more information on federal tax credits for solar-powered attic fans, visit

Click here for IRS Form 5695, which is available on the website.

Blue Frost Heating & Cooling installs solar-powered attic fans that will meet fire and electrical code requirements. Give us a call at (630) 444-0860 and take advantage of that 30% tax credit on solar-powered attic fans today!

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