Should You Turn Your AC Off When You're Not Home?

Should You Turn Your AC Off When You’re Not Home?

It’s most likely your goal to keep your home as comfortable as possible at a price that’s as low as possible. Running your AC all summer long can get expensive, so you might be wondering if there’s a way to keep your home cool while still keeping your bills low. Most people think that turning your AC off all together is the best idea, while others think that turning your AC on and off is even worse.

So what should you do to save the most money?

Raising the Thermostat’s Temperature

You may think that turning your AC off completely when leaving the house will keep your bills down. However, this common myth is incorrect, and doesn’t actually save you money. Instead, you should be raising the temperature up about 10 degrees when you leave the house.

This way, your AC will still turn on every now and then to cool down your home, but won’t be working unnecessarily hard when no one’s there. When you arrive home, your house won’t feel extremely hot and stuffy, and you can simply turn the thermostat down to your ideal temperature.

Utilize Smart Thermostats

Plenty of modern-day technology will allow you to raise and lower your thermostat’s temperature without having to worry about forgetting. You can have a programmable thermostat installed to change temperatures at the same time each day. This way, if you have a consistent schedule that you’re in and out of the house for, you don’t have to worry about changing it manually.

Some smart thermostats are even able to connect to your phone, so if you forget to change the temperature before leaving home, you can do it conveniently on-the-go with an app.

What Temperature To Keep Your Thermostat At

As a general rule, the less of a difference there is between the temperature in your home and the temperature outside, the lower your energy bills will be. Therefore, in the hot summer months when it’s in the 80’s or even 90’s, raising your thermostat up will bring you closer to the outside temperature.

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There are many culprits for a high energy bill. If you are proactive about keeping your thermostat at the right temperatures and still seem to be paying too much for air conditioning on your utility bills each month, the best thing to do is have a Blue Frost professional service your system.

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