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Making Your Heating System New Again

Before it starts getting chilly, make sure you get appointment for your heater and furnace maintenance in Geneva, IL. Without a yearly maintenance service, your heating system can wear itself out, create heat escape points, or start ventilating toxic carbon monoxide into your home. It’s important to hire a specialist who will be able to inspect and detect where some minor changes could call for major improvement for your overall heating system.

How Your Heating System Works?

Regardless of what kind of heating system you have installed, you shouldn’t wait until there’s something wrong with it to call someone. A professional will follow similar procedures to check the proper functioning of the heating source: where the fuel produces heat will be a sealed chamber that is led into transferring energy to air or water. This fluid will be sent to the ducts or piping which will in turn goes through all the rooms in the house and heats the inner spaces.

Operating the Furnace

It’s important to note that the way you use the heating in your home has great impact in whether your heating system is using more energy than what is necessary. Some good practices are to turn down thermostats in those rooms with less traffic and that are usually closed, such as extra bedrooms, bathrooms. Another one is to lower the heating when you’ll be gone for more than four hours during the day, or during the night when there isn’t any doors or windows being opened and closed. Some thermostats have the option to set this up automatically or with a set schedule, so you don’t have to do it every time you go to sleep.

Another thing you can do is to ask your heating contractor to adjust the fan thermostat to make sure you have an efficient on-off temperature for the not-so-cold weather. Moving objects out from the air vents and radiators will make your heating work better in your home and avoid burning your furniture.

Learn How to Lower Energy Costs

To make your furnace and duct system last longer and stay in perfectly good condition, it’s important to keep it working properly. Some of the things you can do to give minor maintenance to your heating system are relatively simple and they will give you a better understanding of how your heating system works.

Testing your heater to see if it runs and starts pumping warm air is a good way to start. That way you’ll make sure it starts. If you have a natural gas system, you can check for the pilot light. The flame should be clear blue, making it a point to look out for yellow or orange flames, as this could be an indicator of a bigger problem. Changing the furnace filters is another relatively easy way to give your heating system some care.

Some of the heater and furnace maintenance in Geneva, IL you can do are very important steps, but if you’re looking into a faulty heating system, make sure you have our number handy so we can assist you with any further maintenance services. Call us at (630) 444-0860.

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