How Your Indoor Air Quality May Change in Autumn

How Your Indoor Air Quality May Change in Autumn

With it officially being Autumn, we will certainly start to notice the drop in temperatures and different weather patterns. With changing weather conditions, it’s not uncommon for the air quality inside your home to encounter new problems. Luckily, there are many solutions we can help you implement to combat them. Below are some common indoor air quality issues you may encounter around this time of year.


Autumn often symbolizes the start of allergy season. A lot of allergens are extra common in fall, including certain dust mites and ragweed. These types of allergens tend to thrive in autumn weather and small particles can therefore be circulating around your air even more right now.

Make sure to get your HVAC filters cleaned and replaced by a professional when necessary and engage in practices that promote air circulation, such as getting your ventilation system cleaned, maintained and repaired.

Increased Humidity

While you may think the humidity is highest in the summer, it can still be surprisingly high in the fall. With increased humidity comes higher chances of mold, which could potentially lead to respiratory problems. Make sure to always turn exhaust fans on after cooking if you produce a lot of steam, as well as using a whole-home dehumidifier if you notice more humidity than normal. Consulting with an HVAC professional will allow you to pick the one that’s most efficient for your space.

Shifting Temperatures

With the weather being so up and down during the beginning of fall, it’s not uncommon to want to constantly change your thermostat settings from heating to cooling to having nothing on at all. Switching back and forth between different settings can overwork your HVAC system, which not only leads to less than ideal indoor air quality, but increased energy bills as well.

Having a smart thermostat allows your home to have cleaner air by having the thermostat adjust accordingly to the weather, instead of switching abruptly and spreading around allergens and dust.

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