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Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Naperville IL

Published on March 17th, 2016

Call the Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Naperville IL Experts

You need to call the air conditioning troubleshooting Naperville IL experts, if your air conditioner is not cooling your room properly or if the system is not working. However, you can save time and money by checking if the circuit breaker has tripped. Resetting it will solve the problem. However, if it trips again, it means that your AC is putting extra load on the circuit breaker. You need technical help from the specialists of Blue Frost to determine the cause of excessive load. It might be due to a malfunctioning thermostat that does not trip, causing the compressor to run continuously in chill mode. This inflates your power bills as well as puts stress on the other parts of your AC.

Room not cooling properly

If your room is not cooling properly, check if the windows and doors of your home are open and close them. Open doors and windows allow cold air inside your room to escape as well as allow hot air from outside to enter your room; they do not permit the room to chill. You should also check if your AC’s thermostat is set to `off’ position. In such a scenario, your AC will run in fan mode and simply circulate the air inside the room. You should also check whether the flaps of the grille are oscillating properly. If it does not, the cold air blown out by the AC will not chill the entire room.

Other issues and a valuable suggestion

  • You can fix the problems mentioned above yourself. You can also:
  • Remove the grille, check if the AC’s filter is choked, and clean it if required. This will also improve indoor air quality.
  • Check the water drain plug and unclog it by putting a stiff metal rod inside it and moving it forwards and backwards until the water starts flowing out.
  • Contact air conditioning troubleshooting Naperville IL for checking your AC.


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