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Air Conditioner Maintenance Warrenville IL

Published on March 17th, 2016

Maintain AC Unit with Air Conditioner Maintenance Warrenville IL

Maintaining a central air-conditioner unit requires cleaning not only the exterior parts, but also the condenser and the evaporator. Air conditioner maintenance Warrenville IL service providers offer this service. We at Blue Frost Heating and Cooling company, in particular, not only clean and maintain AC units, but also ensure that each unit we serviced are in top working condition after our maintenance work.

Split type and window type air-conditioning units require minimal maintenance. Some of the maintenance work needed for smaller AC units include cleaning the filter, testing the power cord, switch and thermostat, cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils and fins, checking the drain port for clogs, and cleaning the fan. Some of these are easy to complete, but work that involve electricity and intense maintenance should be handled by a professional AC technician.

The fins and coils of the evaporator and condenser of central air conditioners must be checked periodically. The condenser routinely collects airborne dirt, such as dust and debris from surrounding trees. A coil cleaner is necessary when cleaning the condenser. Extra maintenance work is needed during winter months as the unit must be protected from the harsh weather.

The evaporator of a central AC unit should be inspected and cleaned once every year. It entails replacing worn foil insulation, dismantling the access plate, cleaning the evaporator tray and the underside of the evaporator, and checking for air leakage.

Employing an air conditioner maintenance Warrenville IL service provider lessens the chances of repairs in the future as well as ensures clean air coming from the AC unit. Compared with service repairs, maintenance work is cheaper and takes less time. Establishing a history with a reputable and reliable heating and cooling company, such as Blue Frost, also allows service technicians to troubleshoot the maintained unit when a problem arises.


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