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Advantages of an Advanced Humidifier

A qualityhumidification systemhelps to offset the dry air produced by a heat pump in winter. While some people do not mind dry air, other people are sensitive to a lack of moisture. It causes dry skin and might be uncomfortable to breathe. Humidity is often prescribed by a doctor. Whatever the personal reason, modern humidifiers are sensitive to air quality and can be set to exact moisture control.

Low humidity is caused by heating of outside air. Cold air holds much less moisture than room temperature air, and heating this air does not increase the water vapor content. Burning methane produces some water vapor, but not always enough to offset the low outdoor humidity. The end result is unnaturally dry air that desiccates mucus membranes and causes discomfort to the throat and lungs.

A humidifier is attached to the air traveling through ducts or else is a separate system that controls moisture room by room. A whole-house humidification system is the most trouble-free solution, as it adds moisture to the entire house whenever the heater starts. There is no need to stick to a particular room. With a household system, a sensitive person can move anywhere and experience the same comfort.

Modern systems electronically sense the humidity of a house and adjusts the moisture output to a set level. The central computer is easily adjusted, and the data display provides plenty of information for anyone who needs it. This is helpful for people who need a specific moisture range.

Air can become naturally dry in the late summer. A humidifier also becomes handy at this time. The advantage of a modern humidifier is that it is independent of the heater. It can inject fine water vapor at any time desired. This is the convenience a customer should expect.

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