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Add AttiCat Expanding Blown-in Insulation to Increase Attic’s R-Rating

Our greater Chicago area certainly enjoys a cold and snowy winter. With highest average winter temperatures of 50° F and lowest average temperatures of around 15°F, Chicago area homeowners definitely need proper insulation in your attics to keep your homes warm and snug. An under-insulated attic can drain your home of warmth and energy, which also drains money from your budget. You may have the newest and best modern furnace but your attic still needs to be well insulated in order for your home to maintain proper temperature control.

The Department of Energy recommends different levels of insulation for different regional climate zones in order increase your home’s energy efficiency. For the state of Illinois, the DOE recommends insulation R values of between R38 and R60. Does your insulation measure up? If you’re not sure, the NATE® certified technicians at Blue Frost Heating and Cooling can come to your home to inspect your current insulation and measure its R-value for you. If more insulation is needed in your attic, Blue Frost Heating and Cooling specializes in using Owen-Corning’s AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation. Easy to install, this fiberglass insulation is reliable, safe, and energy efficient.

AttiCat Insulation is non-corrosive and non-combustible fiberglass insulation. That means it will never lose its energy-saving properties. This brand of insulation furnishes up to an R-49 energy value rating, just what homeowners in the Chicago area need. AttiCat Insulation releases and expands completely inside our blowing machine. It is conditioned by breaking and fluffing it while adding millions of teeny air pockets to it to give it its insulating power. It is easy to install and the installation process is quick, taking less than four hours to do an entire attic. This installation system places the insulation where it is needed and is a low dust system.

Blown-in insulation is the best means of adding additional insulation to your attic. Upgrading and adding to attic insulation is hugely popular home improvement project for saving energy. It can actually cut your energy costs by as much as 20 percent. It is also wise, as more energy is lost through a home’s attic than through any other house part. Don’t spend the winter paying more for your heating than necessary. Add AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation to your attic and it will seem as though you zipped it up in a warm parka.

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