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High humidity can cause discomfort and health issues. When managing the indoor environment, this must be considered along with temperature. Air conditioners can control humidity to a certain extent but they are no match for truly elevated levels. In extreme cases, it would be best to have dehumidifiers installed to reduce the moisture in the air. Here are a few reasons why you should get one of these units:

Help the Body Cool Itself Naturally

Hot and humid environments are tricky to cool down. You can set the thermostat to a very low temperature but it can still feel uncomfortable. The reason is that the environmental conditions are preventing sweat from evaporating from the skin. This would usually help the body cool down. Since evaporative cooling can’t happen, the sweat is trapped and we feel hot and sticky. A specialized unit that addresses this is the clear solution.

Prevent Allergens from Spreading

Another undesirable effect of high humidity is the growth and spread of allergens that can make life miserable for people with sensitivities. Examples of these include mold and dust mites. Occupants of a building that is filled with these are likely to suffer from any number of respiratory issues. Keeping the place dry through moisture control mechanisms is a good way to ensure a healthy environment.

Blue Frost Heating and Cooling

Our company can help you pick a good dehumidifier for your needs. Whether it’s for a house or a big office building, we have solutions that you can choose from. We can provide recommendations and explain the features present in each. Chicago residents have depended on Blue Frost for decades to take care of their heating and cooling needs. These include the installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance of air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, dehumidifiers, and other related equipment.

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