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Your Comfort & Safety
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AC Installation

Blue Frost is a local heating and cooling company which has earned the designation of being a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer. We install several brands of equipment specializing in Trane air conditioning units. In addition to the installation we maintain them for the life of the unit. Which includes the extended warranty period or service contract associated with the installation. When replacing your existing air conditioner understand that the entire unit, both the outside portion and the working mechanics need to be changed. The components have a unique interaction with each other and therefore they must work together in order to maintain the efficiency and functionality of your cooling system.

It is important to purchase a central air conditioning unit that is the correct size for the structure in which it is being installed. A unit that is too large simply uses more electricity. Additionally, it will not remove the amount of humidity it was designed to do. That will leave too much moisture in your home which leads to problems with mold and mildew. In addition, too large of a unit will stop and start more frequently, resulting in greater wear and tear on your unit shortening the life of the air conditioner and will require more frequent service calls. Proper measurements, equipment, and installation by our trained HVAC technicians, will make certain your new Trane air conditioner will run appropriately in conjunction with regular maintenance.

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