heater replacement services in Batavia, IL

Does it look like your furnace is about to kick the bucket (so to say)? Are there areas of your home that are colder than the rest of the house? Or maybe it sounds like the furnace is making so much noise that you have to turn up your television or music to drown it out? The team here at Blue Frost HVAC has been performing heater replacement services in Batavia, IL for a very long time, and we know how inconvenient a sudden lack of heat can be. This is nothing out of the ordinary as all furnaces or other heating units are bound to give up at some time. However we want to help you navigate through this process as easily as possible by telling you everything you should be aware of when finding a new heater.

Signs It’s Not Working Properly

The most common sign that your heating unit isn’t working properly is the entire racket it’s probably making! Any rattling, screeching, or squealing that occurs whenever you turn the unit on is a sign of some underlying mechanical problems, like a broken fan or blower for instance. Another sign is that the unit is turning it off and on randomly, which is known as “short cycling.” This could be because you have an oversized unit for the space you have in your home but it’s hard to give a general explanation for this problem. Other signs it’s not working properly can include a rise in your heating bills, the old age of your furnace, or the overall lack of humidity and consistent airflow.

heater replacement services in Batavia, IL

What to Look For In a New Heater?

Today’s heating units are required to have higher energy efficiency standards than they used to, and we recommend that you get the highest AFUE rating that you can. The annual fuel utilization efficiency number is a metric that measures the amount of fuel that’s converted to heat. Obviously you want as much fuel as possible to be turned into heat because it’ll mean less money you have to spend on utility bills. It also helps if you have an HVAC technician come in to inspect your space, your ductwork, and various other factors to help you get the unit that’s going to be right for your floor plan and layout. Choosing the wrong heater only exacerbates some of the problems you’re already having so this little step can save you a lot in the near future.

Who Should Install It?

It’s tempting to go with a local handyman who can provide a much lower cost for the labor involved. However when you hire a service technician like our company, Blue Frost HVAC, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing that trained professionals with experience are looking to install your unit properly according to the best standards in the industry. After all, we can have this status only after undergoing rigorous training to do it right! So please call us at 630-283-6401 if you’d like to see about having us perform a heater replacement service in Batavia, IL for you.