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Your Comfort & Safety
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Service-oriented HVAC and Air Quality Solutions in Streamwood

At Blue Frost Heating and Cooling, we believe the residences and businesses of Streamwood deserve to enjoy the experience of comfortable temperatures and clean air. To that end, everything we do, from HVAC installation and annual maintenance to AC tuneups and air cleaner recommendations, is geared towards ensuring the air your breathe is clean and the temperature is comfortable. 

Keep reading to learn how Blue Frost Heating and Cooling can serve all your HVAC and air quality needs.

Delivering Service to Every Doorstep in Streamwood

It’s not just residents that need cool, comfortable air in the middle of a hot Chicago summer, it’s our businesses too. And considering what a critical role local businesses in ensuring prosperity for the residents of Streamwood, we couldn’t be more honored to help your office building’s HVAC system run as efficiently and effectively as it can.

We Stand Behind Our Product Recommendations

While our services are what helped Blue Frost Heating and Cooling make a name for itself over the past few decades, the products we offer are second to none. For our customers, this is critical, because it allows them to know that the equipment they’ve purchased will keep their home or business in Streamwood comfortable and safe for years to come in. We stand behind brands that keep our customers comfortable and safe including Trane, Honeywell, Aprilaire, Mitsubishi, and more. 

Experience the Value of Annual Inspections

You’re not alone if the only time your home’s HVAC system comes to mind is when something goes wrong. But, if you can dedicate just enough headspace to learn more about our annual inspection services, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches down the road. After all, preventing problems is always more cost-effective than fixing them after something has already gone wrong. 

Plus, by addressing small issues before they become serious, you can avoid the inconvenience and disruption to your life in Streamwood that occurs when your HVAC system is not functioning as it should be. Here’s a sampling of procedures you can expect during an annual maintenance inspection in Streamwood: 

  • Ductwork inspection to find missing insulation or leaks
  • Air filter inspection
  • Refrigerant and electrical inspection
  • Heating component inspection
  • Parts lubrication, battery replacement
  • And more!

Interested in a home inspection? Need help with something else? Whatever it is, Blue Frost Heating and Cooling is ready and waiting to help you be more comfortable and breathe cleaner air. Give us a call today!

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