There are different types of heating systems that can be installed in homes. You will need professional services of trained and experienced technicians. It ensures proper heating installation Carol Stream IL.

Central Heating

Under this category, there are furnaces, boilers and heat pumps. A furnace has a central heating device. Its heat is used to warm air which is dispersed throughout the house via ducts. A furnace can be powered by electricity, fuel oil or natural gas. A boiler distributes heat with the help of hot water. The heated water passes through radiators to heat rooms of the house. During this process, the water slowly cools down. The cooled water is returned back to the boiler for reheating. Natural gas or oil is used as fuel to heat residential boilers. A heat pump system can be used for both cooling and heating. There are air source and ground source heat pumps. The first one sources heat from the outdoor area while the second type of system sources heat from the ground.

Direct Heaters

There are gas and electric space heaters. The device can be a floor, free-standing or wall-mounted heater. There is no ductwork. It is suitable for a single room only due to its small heat output. It is important to know that gas fired heaters without vent feature should not be used in a closed room. It poses safety and health risks. Electric space heaters are cheaper to buy but expensive to use. Direct heaters are inefficient compared to central heating systems.

Irrespective of which type of heater you want to install in your home, we can provide solutions specific to your requirements. We have technicians with skills, training and experience in all types of heaters. Call Blue Frost Heating & Cooling on 630-231-2334 for services of expert heating technicians. They will check size and volume of each room. The building design, structure and construction features will be assessed. It helps know which type of heater will be most suitable, energy efficient and economical for your home.