Whole House humidifiers

The process of heating your house or business establishment with a furnace causes the air that is pushed through the vents to become dry. Dry air is associated with nose bleeds, dry skin, and other medical conditions.

In order to ease the problems that come along with dry air in the winter season, an Aprilaire Humidifier is an excellent solution. These systems humidify the air that you breathe without altering its temperature. The humidification system is normally attached to, and works in conjunction with your furnace.

Properly hydrated air tends to be warmer, therefore your thermostat can be at a lower setting while keeping your environment as warm as you prefer, but at a lower cost. A central humidifier installation also brings health benefits. They have been shown to reduce snoring, improve the condition of skin, and assist in helping to prevent or alleviate nose bleeds and sinus problems. Colds and other seasonal health conditions like influenza may also heal faster with the presence of humidification.

Humidifiers may also help in reducing cracking in wooden floors, wooden paneling, and furniture.
In the event your existing humidifier system requires maintenance, Blue Frost can repair all makes and models of humidifiers.