The Management Team

Thomas Byrne (Tommy)
Thomas Byrne (Tommy)Owner
Hello, my name is Thomas Byrne (Tommy) and I am the proud owner of Blue Frost Heating & Cooling. The company has been in business since 1973 and I [Click to Read More]
John Yelton
John YeltonOperations Manager
Hello, my name is John Yelton and I am the Operations Manager here at Blue Frost. I’m responsible for all installations and service work we [Click to Read More]

Office Staffs

Amy Zukas
Amy ZukasOffice manager
Hi, my name is Amy Zukas and I am the office manager here at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling. With over 18 years of ffice management experience I am accustomed to a dynamic office environment.. [Click to Read More]
Tracey Berg
Tracey BergSales/Marketing consultant
Hi, I’m Tracey Berg Blue Frost’s inside sales/marketing consultant. I have developed and over-see many projects for the company. One of those projects which is [Click to Read More]
Stephanie Bowser
Stephanie BowserCustomer Service Representative
Hello, my name is Stephanie Bowser and I am the Customer Service Representative for Blue Frost. My primary.. [Click to Read More]


Melissa Formell
Melissa FormellWarehouse Clerk
Hello, my name is Melissa Formell and I am the Parts and Warehouse Clerk for Blue Frost. My primary job [Click to Read More]

Service Technician

Willie Werner
Willie WernerSenior Service Technician
My name is Willie Werner and I am the senior service technician at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling. With over 15 years in the HVAC service field I am very [Click to Read More]
Kris Blachut
Kris BlachutService Technicians
Hello, my name is Kris Blachut and I am one of the service technicians working at Blue Frost. I am fortunate to have worked with the [Click to Read More]

Installation Team

Omar Gonzalez
Omar GonzalezInstallation Team
Hello, my name is Omar Gonzalez and I am part of the installation team here at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling.
Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo RodriguezLead Installer
Hello, my name is Eduardo Rodriguez and I am the lead installer here at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling. I started in the [Click to Read More]
Adrian Diaz
Adrian DiazLead Installation Technician
Hello, my name is Adrian Diaz and I am a lead installation technician here at Blue Frost [Click to Read More]