Winter is both a charming, as well as a difficult season if we don’t take precautions. For one, we get to snuggle close to our loved ones, be it a partner or a pet. With a mountain of duvets to keep away the cold, we put on our favorite Christmas movie, “home alone” or “baby’s day out” and simply enjoy each other’s company. A furnace is a must have for any household during this season, to ensure comfort for your entire family.

Installation and maintenance of a Furnace

For over 40 years, Blue Frost Company has served the residents of St. Charles IL.  Our website, is full of positive reviews that are a testimony that we are indeed the furnace service experts St. Charles IL has used for all this time without  disappointment.

We attribute our success to the rigorous training and vetting we perform on our technicians to ensure they are equipped with the skills necessary to install all kinds of furnaces and perform efficient and effective services and maintenance.

How often should you service a furnace?

This is a major question posed by our clients. Service is a necessary part of the maintenance of an appliance. During service, the technician will check a number of things to ensure that the system is working efficiently and to its full potential.

  • Are there any leakages of poisonous gases? This may go undetected for a while, but just like a ticking bomb, things can go from bad to worse in a split second.
  • Is the furnace consuming the correct amount of fuel? This ensures the appliance is very efficient in heating the house and keeping running costs to a minimum.

Proper, regular maintenance will ensure that the life of your furnace is prolonged and that the service you receive from your heater will be invaluable to the comfort of your family.

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