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Why Air Balancing Improves Indoor Air Temperatures

Extreme temperatures mean more work for our home’s heating and cooling systems. Like anything else, when HVAC systems age, they experience wear and tear, and tend not to work as efficiently.

Do you have a home that heats or cools unevenly? It’s a frequent problem on the second floor of homes, and it’s not always simply because warm air rises. This uneven air can result in your system having to work harder than it should, meaning utility bills that skyrocket.

Before you put the money down on a new system, what you may need is air balancing. A professional HVAC technician can help evaluate the cause, and provide solutions that will distribute air more evenly.

Air Balancing Begins With An Air Flow Diagnosis

An air flow diagnosis will help determine the cause of the imbalance, and what can be done to fix the issue. It may be that the ductwork needs some attention. Air flow balancing will give an HVAC technician a better idea of how to specifically target the problem at hand, and how to fix it.

This may mean duct sealing, to fill the cracks in your system, and ensure that air can more easily be transported all over your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average residential duct system leaks between 20 and 40 percent of its air and energy into the ceilings, walls and basement of your home.

That air that is leaked is temperature-controlled air that you’re paying for on your utility bills and not seeing any benefit from.

The cause of the temperature imbalance in your home could be clogged air ducts, in which case they simply need to be cleaned. Air duct cleaning can make the air in your home healthier, and distribute more evenly.

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