When is the Right Time to Call a Residential Heating Repair Contractor?

When is the Right Time to Call a Residential Heating Repair Contractor?

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What can be worse than having to drench yourself in ice-cold water on a cold winter morning? Well, failing to have your water heater maintained regularly by a qualified contractor can make you go through this ordeal as you wait for residential heating repair service Winfield, IL professionals to repair your malfunctioning heater. In most cases, water heaters are tucked away in closets or basements.  As a result, many homeowners rarely think about these important appliances.  Just like many of the Winfield homeowners, you have remembered the water heater in your home because it has malfunctioned.

While the heater in your home may be installed in a hidden spot, you should give it a glance from time to time, even when it is not malfunctioning. This will help you notice any signs of damage on the appliance, hence schedule for repair by a skilled professional to prevent the heater from breaking down completely.  Water heaters often display certain signs when they are about to malfunction. Some of the commonest signs, in this regard, include:

Pooling of Water around the Heater

When in a proper working condition, the area round the heater should be dry. If you notice some water collecting next to the heater, you should call a renowned heating repair expert to examine the problem. In most cases, this problem may be caused by a poor connection or a leakage. If not addressed in time, this problem could escalate into a serious breakdown, which may require you to replace your residential heater. Having poor repair or reinstallation services carried out on the heater could also worsen the problem. Therefore, the problem should be inspected and repaired by skilled heating repair and installation experts, such as the ones we have at Blue Frost Heating and Cooling.

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Fluctuations in Water Temperature

If the water is not as hot as it should be or the temperature keeps fluctuating from time to time, your heater is not at its optimal performance. In some cases, adjusting the thermostat on the heater resolves this issue. If this problem is not rectified in time, the heater could break down then you won’t have hot water until you hire a good residential heating repair service Winfield, IL provider to repair or replace the unit. If the heater stopped heating all of a sudden, the problem could be a malfunctioning heating element or a dead thermocouple for heaters powered by natural gas. In such a case, we advise our clients to have the heater replaced rather than repaired.

A Change in Color, Odor or Appearance of the Water

Changes in the taste, color or smell of the water coming from the heater can also serve as signs of a malfunction. For instance, a change in the water color may be a sign of corrosion inside the heater. In such a case, you should call a skilled technician to examine the heater and repair it.

Basically, water heaters have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If you have an older unit, residential heating repair service Winfield, IL professionals will come in handy as you may need repair services more frequently. To have your furnace and water heater problems addressed immediately by a team of highly trained, certified and experienced heater repair professionals, call us on (630) 444-0860.

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