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A Water Filtration System Improves Health

Whether you just finished a five-mile run, or simply woke up with a dry mouth, the temptation is to turn to the place in our homes that’s most convenient to quench our thirst – the kitchen faucet.

It may seem like a perfectly healthy thing to do, but the reality is that any number of contaminants pour out each time we rotate that handle. There is something that you can do to give your family a little more peace of mind when using your number one water source. You can install a water filtration system.

Clean, filtered water protects the body from disease and leads to overall improved health. That way you can avoid harmful contaminants such as arsenic, aluminum, fluoride, and prescription or over the counter drugs. All of these can have adverse health effects with every glass.

Some bottled water is simply repackaged tap water. That doesn’t improve the situation any.

Purchasing and installing a water filter for your home ensures that your number one source for quenching thirst in the home stays safe and pollutant-free for the whole family.

Three examples of water filters for home water supplies include reverse osmosis filters, ion exchange filters, and granular carbon filters. All take slightly different approaches, and are good in specific situations. An HVAC specialist can help get you up and running with cleaner water in your home.

Remember, in addition to battling dehydration, drinking enough water can help you to maintain a healthy body weight, properly digest food, improve circulation, and detoxify your body naturally. These are all great things. Make sure that you and your family are not ingesting harmful chemicals at the same time.

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