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Variable Speed Furnaces

What is a variable speed furnace?

Variable speed furnaces are becoming increasingly popular in Chicagoland. As we dive into winter, our home heating systems are on a lot of people’s minds. You may be asking yourself, “Is a variable speed furnace the right choice for my home?” Let’s learn a little about variable speed furnaces and discuss how they could benefit your home.

Unlike a standard furnace, which cycles on and off frequently, a variable speed furnace uses a blower motor that moves at different speeds to control the airflow in your home. Improving this airflow can help eliminate pockets of cold air in your home by distributing heat more evenly.

What are the benefits of a variable speed furnace?

There are a number of benefits to choosing a variable speed furnace over their traditional counterparts. Some of the biggest advantages are below:

  • Comfort

Because airflow is more evenly distributed throughout a home with a variable speed furnace, the temperature & humidity of a home are also more regulated, making the environment a more comfortable one.

  • Energy Efficiency

Generally speaking, variable speed furnaces use about 2/3 of the electricity of conventional single speed furnaces.

  • Noise

Variable speed furnaces are often much quieter than traditional furnaces. Because the changes in speed of the blower motor are gradual, there are no sudden blasts or booms that come with traditional furnaces.

  • IAQ

Indoor Air Quality improves when you make the switch to a variable speed furnace. The air in your home will be cleaner because the air is constantly being filtered. Humidity will also be controlled because a variable speed furnace is more apt to draw moisture from the air.

  • Zoning

Zoning refers to regulating the temperature differently for specific parts of your home. Variable speed furnaces allow your HVAC system to zone more efficiently, which helps you provide more comfort where you want it and save energy where you don’t.

How can I get a variable speed furnace?

If you’re interested in a variable speed furnace, the good news is that Blue Frost Heating & Cooling has plenty of options for you! Give us a call today to see if a variable speed furnace is the right choice for your home.

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