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To Heat or Not to Heat…That is the Question!!!

Sometimes in the Midwest, you can be running the heat one day and the air the next. The sun is shining and the birds are singing, yet the snow has recently made another attempt to stick.

The weather is warming and inside your home, you’ll need to make that transition from running the heat to running the fan or the air conditioner. Here are some tips to make sure that the transition goes smoothly this year.

If you don’t have to run the air at first, don’t. Crack those windows and open doors. Create a cross ventilation and a stream of fresh air running through the house. Improving ventilation benefits you and your home.

Keep the curtains and shades drawn. This is especially true for those days where the hot rays of the sun are creeping in. This can reduce the radiant heat entering your home when you’re trying to run the air conditioner.

Clear bushes and shrubs away from the air conditioning unit. They usually require 12-18 inches of clearance to work properly.

Make sure your doors and windows are caulked and sealed. This can help prevent hot air from entering when you’re trying to run your air conditioner. You can determine areas that may need extra insulation by holding a candle or lighter up around the frame. If it flickers you probably need extra sealing.

Regularly replace the air conditioning filter. This can help ensure that your air conditioning unit remains clean.

Have your air conditioner unit professionally checked. Make sure it is running at optimal performance.

Plant trees to create shade. Vegetation can help you keep the hottest rays of the sun out of your windows.

Install a smart thermostat. Your thermostat is meant to work in harmony with your air conditioning and heating units. A smart thermostat can help you establish the right comfort level for your home and allows you to control the settings remotely.

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