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Tips to Prevent an AC Fire

Published on July 10th, 2019

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, 49% of fires in June, July, and August are caused by air conditioning units. These fires could have possibly been prevented by regular maintenance and cleaning of AC units. Don’t let a faulty AC unit put your family in danger, call Blue Frost Heating and Cooling for air conditioning repair near Batavia. 

Common Causes of AC Fires


  • Flammable items placed near the AC unit


Having flammable materials close to your AC unit can be hazardous. This cause of AC fires is avoidable by ensuring that no combustible clutter is surrounding your air conditioning unit. Be sure to check around your air conditioning unit for any loose leaves, paper, or flammable liquids like gasoline. 


  • Lack of regular cleaning and maintenance 


Failing to routinely clean and maintain your AC unit can cause dangerous fires. When dirt and dust accumulate in your air vents, the normal flow of air can be obstructed. If your vents, filters, or coils are blocked with debris it can cause your unit to malfunction and spark a fire. 


  • Failure to fix necessary repairs


Along with ensuring your AC unit is regularly cleaned, you should also be sure to make necessary repairs in a timely matter. If parts of your air conditioning unit are not functioning properly it can cause major problems for your home. Once you notice something is not working correctly with your AC unit, contact an air conditioning repair near Batavia. 

Tips for Prevention 


  • Schedule regular maintenance 


To keep your air conditioning unit from starting a home fire, perform regular maintenance checks. Noticing unit malfunctions early on will keep your family safer and keep your AC unit working smoothly. 


  • Regularly clean your AC unit


Since dirt and dust build-up is a common cause of AC fires, it is important to make sure your vents, filters, and coils are cleaned routinely. Regular cleaning will ensure that there is no excessive debris blocking your air vents and keep your air conditioning unit from malfunctioning.

If you need to schedule a regular cleaning or maintenance for your AC unit call Blue Frost Heating and Cooling air conditioning repair near Batavia at (630) 283-6401 or visit our website.


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