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The Deadly Consequences of Maintenance Negligence on Your Furnace

Published on March 15th, 2017

Countless times you have probably heard people ranting on about the importance of keeping your furnace in check, making sure everything is working efficiently and scheduling regular maintenance checks with professional services.

Similar to that of a car, which drives hundreds of miles ignoring proper maintenance such as checking the oil and water will at some point lead to the engine giving out, this is the exact same way a furnace works. The problem is when it comes to furnaces it is not as easy to notice the consequences of a poorly maintained furnace until it is too late.


What Are The Consequences Of Not Maintaining Your Furnace?

The Deadly Killer: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If you own a furnace you may not realize that in order to provide heat, the boiler undergoes a combustion process, which creates a solution of toxic gas otherwise called Carbon Monoxide. Normally this gas is carried away by a useful component known as the heat exchanger.

Carbon Monoxide is not only poisonous but also contains neither smell nor colour. This means that if you do not schedule regular maintenance checks on your furnace and the heat exchanger gives out, it is highly likely that the simple, easily preventable problem can turn into a dangerous and potentially fatal situation.


Airborne Diseases and Poor Indoor Air Quality

Regardless of whether or not you schedule regular maintenance checks for your furnace the filters responsible for keeping dust particles amongst other things out are destined to get clogged. Those who are negligent in their furnace maintenance do not receive the opportunity to clean out the collection of debris from the air filters.

All of that debris is then blown right into your home along with that heat, which we all welcome. If you ever wondered why everyone tends to get sick during a cold season, your furnace is most likely the culprit behind it all.


Burning Holes through Your Wallet

Regular maintenance and check-ups on your furnace ensure that the heating unit is working as it should be with efficiency and no risk to the health of either you or your family. Additionally, regular upkeep ensures that your furnace has a longer lifespan for safe usage.

Those who are negligent when it comes to maintaining their furnaces, however, are setting out a course to suffer expensive repairs, the risk of health-damaging disasters, and even the requirement to replace the entire furnace infrastructure due to a meltdown.


When Is the Best Time to Call in the Furnace Experts?

When it comes to the servicing of your furnace finding a company suited to the task is rather simple. However, when it comes to emergency furnace repair West Chicago IL, finding a company that you can trust to ensure the safety of your family is a rather trepid task.

This is where Blue Frost Heating and Cooling may be able to assist you. Not only do we have years of experience when it comes to both heating and cooling unit solutions, we also have certified technicians trained to handle any problems that your furnace may throw at them. If you find yourself in dire needs for emergency furnace repair West Chicago IL be sure to contact us at 630-283=6401.


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