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Sweaty Windows in the Summer?

Katie wrote and asked if it was normal to have condensation on the outside of her windows this time of year. She also reported having to drink more water. Sometimes things happen for a reason, so I recommended a full indoor air Quality test to check for CO 2 and for Carbon Monoxide. Here is my reply:

New machines have TXV valves which are designed to do more latent work, which removes moisture as opposed to making it cold. The hotter it gets, and the longer it runs, the dryer it will be in the house. A typical setting with a modern machine is 78 degrees. This leaves all occupants dry without being cold. Try to follow the sun with your thermostat program, maintaining no more than a 15 degree temp difference during the hottest part of the day. Example:

9 AM 78

11 AM 89

4 PM 77

9 PM 76

How are you managing your temperature now?

Please consider stopping in this afternoon at the new showroom on the East Side at 416 E. Wilson to take home an air quality monitor. This will tell us all about your humidity and temperature. It could also be a backdrafting water heater flue, so let’s get this test going! Then schedule a clean and check so our technician can test the TXV for sub cooling as well as superheat. Mike can help, or Sue, or ever Elvira at 630-444-0860.

The areas we identified last fall could also be causing the machine to run excessively to fight incoming air leaks, have those envelope leaks and insulation issues been addressed?

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