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Signs You Need an Air Conditioner Repair

As the weather continues to get hotter, it’s more important than ever that you have a fully-functioning air conditioner. It seems as though air conditioners stop working when we need them most. It’s important to closely monitor your HVAC system to ensure you don’t need an air conditioner repair in St. Charles. If you notice any of these signs, contact Blue Frost Heating and Cooling so we can get your air conditioner up-and-running again.

No Cold Air

First and foremost, the air coming from your air conditioner should always be cold. If you notice that the air is room temperature or even warm, this is never a good sign. One common culprit of this problem is a failed compressor.

Poor Air Flow

Weak airflow is frustrating when you’re in need of a cool home. If only certain areas of your home are getting strong air flow and others are getting weak air flow, your duct system could be damaged or clogged. Weak airflow is also another example of a failing compressor. It’s best to contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling in this situation.

Excess Moisture

If you notice excess moisture around your system, this isn’t a good sign. Refrigerant leaks usually result in an air conditioner repair near St. Charles. You may even notice a pool of water on the ground near your air conditioner, and this is a sign that the drain tube is broken or blocked.

Now is the time of year that your air conditioner should be performing at its best! Contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling if you need an air conditioner tune-up, an air conditioner replacement or an air conditioner repair near St. Charles.

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