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Residential Heating Maintenance Service Wheaton IL

Published on September 1st, 2016

Residential Heating Maintenance Service Wheaton IL – Getting Ready for Winter

When approaching winter months, you must get ready to withstand the cold climate. No, we are not saying you must put up with the cold, but make heating arrangements to negate the cold. Therefore, check your heating tools and appliances and confirm their optimal condition. If you’ve been performing residential heating maintenance service Wheaton IL every year, the HVAC setup should be in top-notch condition. However, it’s still worth every penny and effort to be proactive.

Maintain Furnace

Ideally, furnace maintenance must be carried out every six months. Taking care of the heater and making sure it doesn’t get a chance to play spoilsport is an approach that will save you good money in the long run. You don’t just save money on potential costly repairs, but a neat and proper functioning furnace doesn’t break too much sweat to produce optimal heat. This means your energy bills would be lesser too.

Stop the Drafts

Generally, the openings near doors and windows are the major cause for energy loss in most homes and also commercial establishments during winter. Even the minutest openings could have a major influence on total heating costs. For every bit of warm air wasted, the heating system has to work harder. This heat could be kept intact by sealing the holes and gaps around the house.

Fresh Filters

By replacing a clogged filter, you are increasing the system’s longevity and contributing to its efficient maintenance. These filters safeguard the furnace from dirt and grime, and should therefore be replaced regularly. The filters come in washable or disposable variants, having their own efficiency values. If you’re not sure what filter will suit your system, get a professional HVAC technician for recommendations.

Call Blue Frost Heating & Cooling if you’d like professional assistance with your filters and drafts, or are looking for any other residential heating maintenance service Wheaton IL. We’ve been in the business since 1973, in and around Chicago, so you may rest assured your heating systems would be in safe hands.


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