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Keeping the Spring Chill at Bay: Ensure Your Heater Is Working At Its Best

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Despite winter coming to its close, Northern Illinois is well-known for its frigid temperatures even in the spring and sometimes to the disappointment of many even summer days can leave you craving a nice warm cup of Joes.

This is the reason why in Northern Illinois it is seen as almost essential to have a working heater or furnace at your disposal. Saying this it is important to remember to look out for warning signs that something may be wrong with your heating unit.

Not only does this diminish the chances of being left to the mercy of frigid temperatures but it could also remove a bunch of expensive repairs from your monthly bills.

Signs That Your Furnace Is In Need Of Repairs

Something that not many people realize is that looking out for signs that your heater, furnace, or boiler needs repairs does not require an expert eye. Looking out for these signs also allows you to repair any problems that you may discover before they cause a fatal and expensive meltdown.

Water Is Mysteriously Appearing Around Your Furnace / Heating Units

Individuals who have heater units, such as furnaces are at risk of two substances leaking. The most common and least dangerous of the two is water, the second is gas. If you discover an abnormal amount of water around or under your furnace it should be addressed quickly, if you want your house to stay warm at least.

The most common cause of this issue is due to problems in the ducts around your home; however, the issue can be caused by a variety of problems in the heating unit system.

The second of the two substances, gas leaking is much more dangerous and requires immediate attention. If you distinctly smell gas throughout your home, turn off the furnace as soon as you possibly can. Once this is done locate the gas valve and turn it off.

From here you are almost out of the danger zone, you will need to contact a residential heating repair service Winfield IL technician to come rectify the issue as soon as you can to prevent the chance of any gas-caused explosions.

Ominous Night Noises Thump Scrapes or Bangs

Another common sign that your furnace is in dire needs of a technician’s hand is if you hear any ominous sounds coming from the heater. If you wish your house to stay warm, we recommend getting immediate technician services, in order to locate and rectify the cause of the sounds.

Your Utility Bill Skyrockets for No Apparent Reason

As with any units designed to control temperature around a house or building, there can be a wide variety of problems. Some of these can be costly, and unpredictable.

If you discover that your utility bill has skyrocketed without a substantial increase in the use of your heater, it is important to get a technician on the premises to determine the cause of the lack of efficiency in your heating unit.

Knowing When To Let Your Heater Succumb To its Age

Nothing is immortal; this extends to your heating unit. Even if you ensure that it gets regular maintenance checks and repairs a heater unit is not designed to last a lifetime. In fact, the recommended expiry date for a heating unit is 15-years.

Although it is true heating units older than this still work, it can be costlier due to a lack of efficiency. In some extreme cases, it can even be dangerous due to machine erosion, which leads to leakages such as water and gas.

Blue Frost Heating and Cooling has several available options for clients to choose from when it comes to ensuring the maximum lifetime possible for heating units. We also take pride in our timely services for individuals who are in urgent need of residential heating repair service Winfield IL.

If you do find yourself in such a position and need the assistance of a certified and experienced technician, feel free to contact us at (630) 444-0860.

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