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Is Your Home in Danger of Flooding?


Heavy rains can cause flooding in your basement! Safeguard your home now from costly water damage and loss.

Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner, and with it comes heavy rain. We all know what it’s like to be awakened by the sound of a heavy Chicago rain. As we slowly become coherent enough to think, we think to ourselves, “What time is it?” “Are the kids up?” “Did I leave my windows in the car down or did I roll them up?” “Is it garbage day?” And most importantly, “Is my sump pump working?” The following safeguards will divert danger of flooding and the panic that ensues when we wake up to the sounds of a severe rainstorm.

9 Ways to Safeguard your Home from Flooding

If routine flooding is a common, seasonal event, safeguard your home. From structural repairs to replacing belongings lost to flooding, water damage in the basement can cost thousands of dollars. Do you really want to learn these lessons the hard way? Prepare now and prevent costly damage and loss.

Here are a few common sense tips to ensure you’re adequately prepared for heavy rainfall this spring.

  1. Understand Your Insurance Options.

    Check with your insurance company to see if flood insurance is available, and what it will cost you. When you’re in a pinch, you’ll need to make a claim. Will your insurance cover structural damage and lost belongings? Make sure. Most policies only cover damage if the sump pump actually fails unless you purchase separate endorsements.

  2. Invest in a Water Alarm or Water Protection System.

    At the very least, purchase a few of those $5-$20 water alarms at your local home center. Then place them where the water is likely to accumulate first. Water alarms let you know right away when water starts to accumulate. That sure beats finding five feet of water downstairs a day later! Water alarms and devices shut water off to a leaking appliance. Some insurance companies offer discounts for installation of such devices.

  3. Keep Your Roof in Good Condition.

    When you have the roof redone, spring for a rubber underlay. It goes underneath the shingles to help prevent leaks.

  4. Install Your Television and Other Electronics Higher Than the Basement Floor.

    If you have reason to be concerned about flooding, keep cords, wires and valuable electronics off the basement floor. Then if there’s an inch or two of water on the floor, your electronics are protected.

  5. Seal Foundation Cracks.

    This simple step can guard against water damage. If water is seeping in where the wall and floor meet, purchase hydraulic cement or masonry caulk. It is inexpensive and expands to fill gaps.

  6. Keep Gutters and Drains Clean.

    When gutters are packed with leaves and debris, rainwater has nowhere to go. It can pool, collect, and back up causing more problems for you down the road. Every house needs gutters, but they need to be kept clean. When they’re clean, they’ll keep rainwater draining away from your house and the foundation.

  7. Use Window Well Covers. 

    Gutters overflow in extremely heavy rains causing water to collect in window wells. Window well covers prevent water from collecting and infiltrating your basement through the window wells.­

  8. Know Where Your Water Goes.

    When investigating flooding, many times we discover that the sump pump discharge pipe wasn’t doing its job. It wasn’t carrying water far enough away from the foundation. Much of the water was running right back down into the sump pit. A sump pump cannot outperform itself in addition to handling a continual supply of rain water.

  9. Invest in a quality sump pump.

    Sump pumps are the best line of defense once water enters your home. Make sure your sump pump is properly installed and maintained to prevent future issues.

Quality Sump Pumps, Battery Backup, and Flooding

That last point brings us to a more in-depth conversation about sump pumps. All sump pumps fail. It’s just a matter of when. Many sump pumps fail as the result of an aged pump or float switch, but the real disasters seem to occur during power outages.

Some people choose to invest in a small camping or construction-sized generator. These generators can be manually started to run power to the sump pump and perhaps a refrigerator or lamp. (Note: Use in a well-ventilated area only!) This strategy works as long as:

  1. You’re home when the power goes out.
  2. You can find your gas can and extension cords.
  3. The generator actually starts after sitting idle between uses.

Most people opt for a battery backup sump pump system. These systems use a charger and high-quality car batteries. They will run up to 160 hours during a power outage.

If you’re seeking higher resale value and total peace of mind, invest in a whole-house, stand-by generator. It can power your furnace, air conditioner, refrigerator, garage door opener, security system, smoke alarms, lights, oh, and your SUMP PUMP!

Peace of Mind During a Storm

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When heavy rains fall, there’s something calming about the sound of the soft hum of a sump pump doing its job. Safeguarding, planning and being proactive rid us of worry due to flooding. Remember, all sump pumps fail. It’s just a matter of when. But with proper planning and maintenance, a lot of flooding and water damage can be averted.

Reduce the risk of flooding and water damage to your home before the rainy season hits. Contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling for installation or maintenance of your sump pump today. Call (630) 444-0860. We are knowledgeable and trustworthy, and we can help you best understand all of your options.

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